Tika Pet began after Tika was saved from an abusive situation in 2020 by Orange Twins Rescue. While the days of abuse were behind her, she came with traumas and fears that took months of patience and loving care before she brightened up into the happy dog she is now. But along with her traumas, Tika also came with lots of allergies and skin issues. Upon researching the best products to use for her condition, it was discovered that while many companies market themselves as natural and safe, there were still ingredients in their formulas that were known to be bad for pets. This inspired the development of Tika Pet’s natural shampoo, so Tika could have a product that would make her fresh and clean without being harmful to her skin, fur, and health.

Tika Pet products proudly contain all-natural ingredients, are safe for sensitive skin, plant-based, free of sulfates, petroleum, phthalates, glycol solvents, chlorine, formaldehyde, artificial colors, and parabens. Everything that was being looked for when shopping for Tika’s grooming products is deliberately found in Tika Pet products. And because we believe dogs deserve the best, we also prioritize giving back to pet rescues every year in honor of the thousands of animals waiting for adoption in shelters.

Tika Pet started out as a dedication to Tika, and now we are thrilled to bring that passion and dedication to all dogs everywhere.